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We have excellent, in-depth experience of most recruitment markets, forms of placements and large-scale SOW/Consultancies. If you are a human capital focused business we can help you to realise your potential.

The partnership is a just that, we are your growth partner to help grow your business. We are always on hand for advice, guidance, and direction.

Once we agree terms it is very dependent on whether you are a start-up, scale-up or exit.

A start-up can be up and running within 2-4 weeks, scale-up 4-6 and exits are 6-10 weeks.

Do you have a good billing background, do you understand your domain, do you have what you believe is a strong, investable idea? If so you are ready to start the process.

No business skills, other than knowledge of your market, a good billing background and a capacity to take on and learn more.

We will show you how to build a business, create the correct infrastructure and help you to understand the inner workings and financials of the operation.

In a high growth business, we continue to invest to grow, as the goal is to be a strong and very profitable enterprise that could exit for life changing money in the future.

Most businesses are profitable and growing within 12-18 months

We will have an agreement that gives you an option to buy our stake in the business at set metrics and timescales. To sell the business we will advise on when is right to achieve the highest return. A 5–7-year plan for total exit, is normal.

Yes. We don’t apply restrictions or speed cameras to your growth. If a group of companies is the best way forward, then we will structure accordingly

Yes, absolutely and in most cases we advise you do so. Dean has owned a business with 25 offices in the UK and across the world, he has helped over twenty recruitment agencies to open in both the US and across the EU. Capitalising on overseas markets spreads the risk.