A Guide To Recruiting In Challenging Times

Recruiting during COVID19
There are key principles recruiters should consider to ensure candidates have a positive recruitment … [+] GETTY

The COVID-19 pandemic has propelled businesses into a strange new reality. For many, the dynamics of virtually every aspect of operations have shifted overnight. Few have remained unscathed – organisations are faced with the need to scale back operations and cut costs, create and manage virtual workforces, or ramp up and adapt to sudden surges in demand for their products or services. Some organisations face all these challenges simultaneously.

HR professionals and recruiters are feeling the impact – 38 per cent say the health crisis is severely impacting their hiring plans, while a further 39 per cent say it’s having a moderate impact. 

Consumers panic-buying goods has meant that supermarkets and logistics companies have to substantially expand their teams to cope with increased pressure on their supply chains. Demand for call centre employees has surged as people seek information and switch to virtual interactions with service providers. In response to the unprecedented medical crisis, the demand for frontline healthcare workers has seen a 12.6 per cent increase in the hiring rate year-on-year.                                  

Other industries have suspended hiring as restrictions on non-essential activities, social gatherings and travel have jettisoned demand for their products and services. The impacts on the travel, recreation and hospitality industries have been catastrophic.

Regardless of whether your business is freezing, slowing or accelerating recruitment, there are key principles recruiters should consider to ensure candidates have a positive experience and that you continue to build a strong employer brand through the crisis.